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The London Vegan and Vegetarian Society would love to know how many vegans there are in the world. It only takes 30 seconds so if you are a vegan then make sure you are counted! Please encourage vegan friends and family to complete the survey.

HOW? Click here to be counted: The Big Vegan Count!


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Not every vegan is white. Not every vegan is privileged. Not every vegan is upper class or even middle class.

Vegans of color exist. Lower class vegans exist. You don’t have to be rich to be vegan.

Stop fucking erasing their existence entirely just to discredit veganism.

I literally want to paste this all over tumblr

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Pro Tip: be sure to knock out all of the remaining glass so that our little doggy friend doesn’t get hurt.

you can also call 911 to do it for you if you don’t want to have a potential confrontation with the vehicle owner.

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My god, do omnis love telling me that I am murdering plants…. -____-

“Do you eat chicken because you are familiar with the scientific literature on them and have decided that their suffering doesn’t matter, or do you do it because it tastes good?” — Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals (via veganprobs)

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Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller in London today, on the first day filming the second season of Elementary.

Thanks to  samanthajensen for the video.

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almond chunky monkey ice cream

Why I’m Vegan: The Correlation Between My Dedication to Veganism and the Rights of PoC (Rebloggable by Request)






Someone had messaged me earlier about my little frog rant and told me about these ads. I would definitely like to thank for helping me out because frogs are a massive part of our ecosystem and I would just like to say that I love them so much and they’re so cute. Frogs are actually becoming less and less populated. There are species like the Desert Rain Frog that are being killed every single day and going extinct. Things like killing them for their legs, building houses on their ecosystems, stealing them for zoos, and road-making have become a huge reason why several species are dying off. Without frogs, we will live in a crazy world of bugs. 

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